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williston nd

    williston nd  Williston`s small town feel is fading fast as more people migrate to the area. It`s leaving many in the community with an uneasy feeling, and more are resorting to buying guns.

        “I had three children with me. He followed me out into the parking lot, and was screaming at me. And I finally told him go away, you come any closer I`m calling the cops. And he said go ahead, they won’t get here in time,” said Brittany Hunt, Williston Resident.

        Hunt`s story is just one of many circulating around town. This insecurity is causing longtime residents to look into concealed weapon permits. In Williams County alone, new and renewal concealed weapon permit applications have doubled from 207 last year to 453 this year.

        “Two years ago, you could have left your door open. Now, you`re afraid to leave your doors open,” Ron Radle, Williston Resident

    Tell us more and more about these “people migrating to the area.”  I’m going to go out on a skimpy limb and guess that various church-related social service agencies in Williston are “resettling” Africans into town.  This being the Upper Midwest, I’m also guessing Lutherans.

    According to the NYT Census Explorer, all of Williston’s Census tracts were over 90% white, with the most common minority being “other groups” (i.e. American Indians), and the “foreign born” population being almost zero.  A large rural Census tract west of town but east of the Montana state line was 24% “other groups” (again, Indian).  However, that is based on Spring 2010 data — A lot could have happened in the last year and a half.